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New to all this ! Help please!!

Guest Sam Coughlan

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Guest Sam Coughlan

We are just embarking on the daunting task of applying from skilled migration to Oz. Any answers to the following would be very much appreciated.


1. My husband has been self-exployed carpenter in UK for past 20 years. He has no formal qualifications in carpentry as he did the training but never took the exams. He has formal qualifications in bricklaying. Does this mean he could only work as a bricklayer or could he still get employed as a carpenter?


2. What sort of wages do bricklayers or carpenters earn?


3. I am a legal secretary - will I be able to find employment easily enough? What sort of salary could i expect to get?



4. What happens about our investments in the UK. We have ISAs and PEP and pensions etc. I wouldn't really want to cash them in as we would lose too much but would we be able to leave them running in the UK.


Any help/advice would be much appreciated. I'm sure there will be lots more questions from me in the next few months so thanks for reading.



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Guest JohnKelly

G'day Sam, here's my two bobs worth.


I know nothing about the Criteria for Migration to Australia.


I came to Australia 40 year ago, when all you had to do was your medical, pay your Ten Quid and you were on your way.


I reckon that if your husband is applying for 'Skilled Migration to Australia' and his formal qualifications is that of Bricklayer, then in my opinion that is what he must apply under, because I am fairly certain that is what the Australian Immigration Authorities will want to see ie Apprenticeship Papers etc.


When he gets to Australia, well, what he works at in the building game is another story. :wink:


In so far as wages for you and your husband are concerned well, without getting into details, with the two of you working in the occupations that you state, I reckon you would have a pretty good standard of living, own home, two cars, fridge full of beer and heaps of steak for the BBQ.


What more do you want? 8)


Sorry can't give you financial advice re your Pensions and Investments etc and I wouldn't even try.

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You need to visit this web site to get your hubbies skills recognised.



I would think that if your hubby has not been a bricklayer for the last six years he would need to apply as a carpenter. You need to get references from customers and trade to say what work he has done. All the info you need is on this website. You really need to troll through the info. Its not hard to do, jsut time consuming. I did all the work for my partner who has been self employed for 16 years and his skills have been recognised OK. You should check that his occupation is on the skills in demand list. It probably is but check first cos if you do all the work and its not on the list, you will have wasted loads of time. Good luck and be patient!!!

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I have just set up a trust fund for my boy with the Gov. Award and did check that it was still valid when we migrate. They state there is no problem with living abroad and it should look quite healthy when it matures if the exchange rates remain similar!


I would say your best bet would be to check with the institutions that hold you investments.


Hope this helps?


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