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UK Mortgages (Investment/Moving Back)

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Hi everyone, not sure if this will be useful to anyone but if you are thinking of moving back to the UK/looking to invest in UK from Oz here are a few tips, cheers!
Can I get a mortgage in the UK from overseas? (Answered)
Today I thought we would look at the one of the most common things I get asked about, on a daily basis! Mortgages…. Can I get one? Is it difficult? I’m overseas and my bank in the UK told me to bu@@er off! What can I do? Can I re-mortgage? And more.
What size deposit do I need?
This is probably the bit that differs a little bit from someone living and working in the UK. Typically, lenders will ask for anywhere between 20 and 30% as a minimum deposit with the bulk of lenders becoming available when you have a 25% deposit. So, it is feasible, and that being said, if you do have a bigger deposit, always let us know, because it could mean lower rates.
Or it could open up different lenders on the market that maybe have a more suitable product, but as a bare minimum, ideally 25% will give you access to the broadest range of lenders.
Can I actually get a mortgage?
Another common question I get is – “I went into Natwest over Christmas when I was at home and said I want to buy a house, and I'm now living overseas - can I get a mortgage? They said no, no way. Because you're overseas.
Absolutely you can. If you are dealing with people that live or work in the UK, you just wouldn't usually use smaller banks or building societies and so you don't know as much about them.
With access to over 35+ specialist lenders, 99.9% of my clients can attain a mortgage, its all about doing your due diligence and finding the right lenders.
What documents do I need?
The main documents that are required and of course this will be different for each person but the main ones are proof of name and address. That’s your passport and utility bill something like that, income, so payslips or if you're self employed, tax returns, bank statements and then proof of deposit and if it's a re-mortgage, then that one's irrelevant as your deposits in the property already.
Don’t be surprised if they want more info, they will ask for up to six months worth of bank statements sometimes. So it's just worth being prepared.
If you would like any more information on the above then please get in touch.
Thanks, Bren

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