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Migration/Defacto etc

Guest topdealman

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Guest topdealman

My girlfriend and myself (both UK citizens) have been in a relationship for over 10 years, I have no post secondary education. My partner has a degree and is a primary school teacher, she has been teaching for two years.


Based on her applying September 2006, with three years

working experience.


She will have the following points.


60 for being a primary school teacher.

25 for age (she will be 32 at time of application).

20 for English language ability.

10 for work experience.

0 for job in demand.

0 for Australian qualifications.

0 for joint spouse application.

0 bonus points.

0 relationship points.


Total 115 points.


This only qualifys her for a regional visa... We want to live in Sydney.... She would fly over this mark if she could secure a job offer before going out, but we don't know how easy that would be. Any tips for securing points under any of the other categories, would be appreciated.


Should she apply get her visa then once she secures one should I then apply for a defacto visa. On average how long does an application take to get through and is this the correct order to do things.


The other crucial factor is can I tag along on the back of her application

(I have no post secondary qualifications and I would just like to work a

regular job). Will they require proof of living together as we currently

live with her parents and we don't have bills just bank statements are sent there.. What sort of information will they ask us to produce on

our relationship and for how far back?


Thanks for your help



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My boyfriend applied for skilled migration in 2002, and it took about 10 months for it to be processed. If we'd been going out for longer at the time, then it would've been so much easier to put me on his skilled migration application. I don't think they require as much evidence of a relationship if you do that. But as it was, I later applied for a defacto spouse visa in June 2005. This took 3 months to process, and was submitted in Australia while I was here on a tourist visa. I know that there are long delays at the moment, and I think the official wait time is 3 to 6 months.


We also had problems finding evidence of our 3 year relationship, as we hadn't lived together in England, and were travelling for 18 months before we applied - obviously there's no rental agreement or bills when you're living in a tent! But we found a surprising amount of evidence when we started looking...photos are good, wedding invitations in both our names, ticket stubs, membership cards with the same date on, stamps in our passport for the same places at the same times, joint bank account statements. This, plus statements from friends and family, seemed to be enough. We did have a couple of rental agreements, but they were only for a couple of months each while we'd been travelling in Oz.


The important thing is to remember they are looking for proof that you are in a defacto relationship, and not just 'going out' with each other. Anything which shows you are committed to each other is good. Joint bank accounts etc... And officially you only need to prove the last 12 months of the relationship, although obviously if you can go back further that has to help.


Hope that helps.

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Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but ....



"She would fly over this mark if she could secure a job offer before going out"


As far as the Skilled Independent (Regional or not) visas go - you do not acquire additional points for securing a job offer in Oz (unless you are applying for a MODL position - which as a teacher your g/f currently can not).


One possible option would be to get an additional 5 bonus points if YOUR skills were listed on the SOL list. You would simply just need to have your skills assessed and send along your assessment letter as part of your g/f's application. (for information - you do not necessarily need to have post-secondary qualifications if you are a trades person)


By sending BOTH yours and her skill assessments - she will be the principal applicant and be awarded 115 points. Your skill assessment will be taken into account and should accure an addition 5 bonus points.


As to being a defacto spouse - not a problem. I'm sure you can provide enough evidence acquired over the last ten years. Your g/f simply adds you to her migration application.


Hope this helps,



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Guest lelloem

Hi Jase, as a rule they ask for 12months of evidence prior to an application being lodged, all information courtesy of PJ. I hope this helps :)



I've seen some emails from people confused about what you can use to prove your defacto relationship. I found a really useful FAQ on migrating and lifted this section from it.


Hope this helps as little of this is included on any of the DIMIA information.


Pj xx


Proving the genuine and continuing nature of your relationship


The following factors may be used to assess the genuine and continuing nature of your relationship. There is no need to obtain all material described;see it as a list of suggestions. If you have material not mentioned below that you think may be useful it can also be provided.




Photographs of the two of you together taken at different times during your relationship.

Photographs taken with a camera that records the date on the photo are very useful.


Financial documents:


Documents (incl. receipts) showing joint ownership of property such as appliances, motor vehicles and real estate.

Statements from banks and other financial institutions showing joint accounts, credit cards, loans, mortgages etc.

Documents showing money sent from one of you to the other.


Evidence of living together:


Leases, rent receipts, telephone bills, electricity, gas bills and other documents in both your names or single names with same address

Letters, envelopes addressed to you both

addressed to you personally

to your spouse personally


Evidence of communications between both of you:


Cards and letters between you

Telephone accounts documenting telephone calls to each other



Evidence of Defacto Relationship:


It is important to send in documents proving when you first started living together.


Further evidence:


At least two statutory declarations from people who know you both, describing your relationship. You can find examples of the layout on the web. Get your friends to write them and take the to a solicitor for authorising, then it makes them official.

Evidence of travelling together including tickets, hotel bills etc

Documents showing that you are members of religious, social, cultural or sporting clubs or organizations

Documents that you have declared your relationship to government departments

Evidence that you have declared your relationship to employers, insurance companies, third parties etc.

Life insurance policies naming each other as beneficiaries.

Drivers licenses etc showing addresses at which you lived together

Wills making provision for each other

Powers of Attorney appointing your partner as your attorney.



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