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Guest SJW90

88 days calculation

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Guest SJW90

Hi all,

I finished my farm work in August, being signed off for 88 days from 2 farms.

The first farm gave a day for everyday we turned up for work whether we worked 5 hours or 10, the second calculated it has number of hours we worked there divided by 8.

I have been told this is how the Immigration office checks it if you are investigated, does anyone know if this is true?

I have calculated from payslips all the hours I have worked at both farms and divided by 8 it is 84.5 days, in which case I would need to work more days?

I am more confused as online it says the standard farm work week is 35-40 hours per week, no a specific amount. If it is a 7 hour day then I have more than enough.

All my pa slips show my weekly hours and they range from 20 to 45 hours per week, so how would they ever calculate how many days you worked the minimum required hours?

Can anyone clarify this for me?

Much appreciated.

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Hi there

did you ever receive an answer to this? Or did you apply for your second working holiday visa and how did it go?

I am in a similar situation. I have been working on a farm for around 4 months and was told that any day that I work counts towards my visa no matter the hours as it is fruit picking so the industry standard purely depends on the fruit available. 

I am worried I won’t have enough days done!


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