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Contributory Parent - Aged

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We will have been here 2 years by June 2017, when we plan to apply for a Contributory Parent Visa for my in laws. The question is, can they come and live with us here whilst they wait for it to be processed?


They do fall under the 'Aged' category. I believe it's possible (technically) for them to come out on subclass 651 (3 month) tourist visa to visit us (which they have done regularly, it also doesn't have a no further stay as a condition), and then 'decide' to stay permanently? So applying onshore for an 864 Contributory Aged when they are here....which means bridging visa whilst they wait for processing?


However, I'm mindful of the rules/purpose of the visitor visa in terms of it being to visit us/holiday. Which they would be doing anyway.


And also, is the 3 month 651 the best option? Would a bridging visa come through in time if they 'decided to stay?'


I'd welcome any advice.

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If your in laws do apply onshore then yes a bridging visa will kick in once their current visas (tourist visas - the 3 month period) expire, as long as the visa application for the parent visa has of course been received before that time. So if they arrive in Australia on, say 1 December, if you get the application off to Perth asap, there is plenty of time for it to be receipted before the 3 month period is up.


And yes, you are right in that, strictly speaking, the purpose of the visitor visa is just to visit Australia, not to apply for a further visa. So if your in laws are asked by customs why they are coming in, and instead of saying that they are visiting you they say that they are coming in to apply for a parent visa, then they are unlikely yo be let in. But yes, lots of parents do just that (ie: once they have arrived as tourists, and seen that they really do like the place, they decide to lodge a parent visa application).


The processing times have quite stretched out at the moment, so your parents may be waiting as long as 24 months for their file to be allocated to a case officer for processing and then a few more months for the processing. During that time they will not be able to travel out and return to Australia. If they do want to travel out during that time they will have to apply for a special bridging visa to allow them to do that. Are you aware of that?

Migration Consultant

Registered Migration Agent Number: 0301155


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Thanks for your response! Yes, we know that they can't travel out once the bridging visa kicks in. Hopefully the processing times won't be too long by the time we apply but thanks for the heads up. Really useful info.

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