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Can anyone help me with the documents requires by ANMAC for registration?


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Hello everyone,


I hope you could help me regarding a problem. I subscribed the online form to ANMAC, i paid tax, and they sent the list of documents they require. I have all the documents, the problem for some documents they asked to be sent directly to them by the authorities. These documents are:

1. Verification of current registration - Have you requested a verification of your current registration from the authority that is responsible for the registration (also referred to as licensing or authorising) of nurses/midwives to practise nursing/midwifery in the jurisdiction/country where you are currently practising. This authority may be an independent regulator or a government department. This statement of verification must be sent directly from the registering authority to ANMAC. Letters of verification received directly from you will not be accepted.2. Ielts diploma

3. Syllabus


They say that this documents, must be sent directly to the by registering authority. I have all these documents, they were sent by them to me, but i don't think they will be very helpful and send these documents to ANMAC.


Do you have any idea if i these doc. can be sent by me, or not?



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Dear Kylie,


Thanks for your quick response...but i have a few more questions...

1. These documentation need to be sent by post by them or could just be emailed, which is much easier and much safer? How did you do? And at what address?

2. And....the Syllabus and Verification of current registration - License to practice are in Romanian language, the authorities are not able to translate those documents into English. I wonder how can those be helpful to them? On the other hand I have all these documents translated and legalized by a public notary.


Look forward for your response.


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@adrian hi. You have to post all your documents to them. You could email them so they can see your documents but they will still need hard copies. As for the documents sent in Romanian I can't help you, I am aware that everything needs to be translated. You may be best emailing them to ask their advise. They are very helpful. Thanks Sam

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One more question: among the documents you sent to ANMAC you included the employment contract? I am asking because in the email I received from them they said:

"Please do not send in employment statements, unless instructed to by an assessing officer. Generally speaking, employment statements are not required as part of an ANMAC skills assessment. On occasion, nurses and midwives employed casually or through an agency may be required to submit employment statements to assist with the assessment of professional references"





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