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Hello from Perth

Guest Andrea L

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Guest Andrea L

Hello everyone

Just discovered this site today and it has been one of the most informative.

I have posted a reply on the jobs and careers section regarding Electricians licenses, so if that's what you are have a look.

Husband Mark is an Electrician, we are both in our mid to late 30's and have 2 kids, Jade 7 and Adam 20 months.

We came from South Africa but are both Brits and have livedin Perth since Dec 2005.

Jade is in year one at Santa Clara catholic school, St James.

She is about a year behind because in South Africa kids can only start school in the year they turn 7 and the education department advised us to do this.

We have found this to be good for her as she is a bit shy and needed to develop her social skills.

She is coping well with school and was student of the month for October.

We live in a rental South of the river, St James, Bentley area and are here on 457. We are hoping to find a new sponsor as Mark is just being paid the minimum, so we are finding it tough financially.

We have just got his TRA back and are about to get him licensed and would like to apply for Skilled Migration to get PR rather than wait another year and get poorer.

As we came on South African passports and are on a temporary visa we don't have access to medicare, centrelink etc, so the quicker we get PR or a higher paying job the better.

I would love some advice in this regard, particularly if anyone is already in Perth and has gone through any of this.

We haven't found it hard to adapt as weather and lifestyle are similar to South Africa and Namibia, although cost of living is much higher.

I wish I had found you all earlier.

Have had great support, especially from Australians, I think that is because we are South of the river in the "poor" end and not North like most of the Brits.

Have to go because Adam has woken from his nap and will soon be pulling the keys off the laptop!

Hope to get lots of advice about Permanent Residence from those of you here and hope to give our experience to those of you yet to come.


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Guest Phil Olsen

Hi there Andrea


i used to live in SA also and now live in Perth.


If you want a chat, please feel free to call on 0419 921371. I have lived in Perth for 10 years and have a reasonable network here


Best wishes



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Guest kevinjolliffe

Hi Andrea (and Phil Oulsen)


We are looking at moving to Perth from the UK at early stages of submitting skills application. Can you advise us of the decent nice areas with good schools (kids aged 12 and 6 yrs). Also how much would you expect to pay for a 4 bed with pool?

I'd be grateful for any info

thanks Kev & Nat [/u][/i][/b]

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Guest paulandkerry

Hi kev and nat, we are paul and kerry,

we are also in the same boat as you just sent our skilled visa forms off and wanting to go to perth.

Where in uk are you? we are from doncaster. would be nice to meet people ove rhere first and go through it all together.

if you want to chat and maybe meet our number is 01302 884712

bye for now

paul and kerry :roll:

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Guest bshootz

:lol: :lol: Hi my name is Becky and my family,hubby,Lee, and two boys,Jordan,9, and Luke, 6,are also wanting to migrate to the Perth area, we sent our skiiled assessment off in November and waiting for reply,dont think it will hear anything until after xmas now.Hope everything goes well for you.Beckyx.

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