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Phil Olsen - Please help

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My Husband is currently on the 457 sponsorship visa and has been for 1 year, I am also on his visa. He will be 50 in December so that rules out applying for PR through usual 2 years and company sponsoring him. He doesn't earn $165k and isn't on the MODL list! Our only other option is me. I am 33 and have a DipHE European Administration with French and Spanish from Hull Uni 1996, but I need to have 3 years recent work experience in Office Management ( I have this but not recently) I got my cert IV in Veterinary nursing here in Oz 2005, but vet nursing isn't on the SOL list.

If I can find a company to sponsor me, can we apply for 457 whilst we are still on husband's 457? - he will then be free to leave his employer as I will be the main applicant.


Sorry if this sounds confusing, but if you have any advice I would love to hear from you or anyone else.

Should I get my diploma assessed with Vetassess?

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