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Anyone in the Hawkesbury or surrounding districts,meet


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Hi there,I'm a single 65 year old male and unfortunately a typical ping pong pom.I have been back just over a year now and would like to meet some new people who may be interested in the great out doors,camping,fishing,I would like to learn to sail properly,play the guitar with fingers like bananas!!! or just meet new people.I am not personally out there so do not frequent clubs or pubs,like to keep to myself but am trying to broaden my horizons with my spare time.I am not a party animal but I do like a good laugh now and again.Hopefully will get me out of the rut I seem to be in.Hope to hear from some Poms who may be interested.

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What state is Hawkesbury in? Maryrose (Dave) would have been an ideal companion


NSW. It's a (big) river, flows down from the Blue Mountains, loops to the north of Sydney and exits into the sea at Broken Bay, the next big estuary up after Port Jackson (Sydney Harbour)


"The Hawkesbury" usually refers to the area around Richmond & Windsor, to the north west of Sydney. It's quite beautiful - lots of heritage (the five "Macquarie Towns" were established here by the governor of that name in the very early days of the colony, as the land either side of the river is very fertile. To the west/north-west the river is backed by the mountains, around Kurrajong and up towards Bilpin. Further down river I guess the area runs out around Wiseman's Ferry, again loads of heritage here with the old convict built Great North Rd, old villages etc like St Albans

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