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[Full-time] Gardening/Carpentry in exchange for mud brick house situated on 2 1/2 acres of bus

Guest The Pom Queen

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Guest The Pom Queen

Location: New South Wales


Gardening/Carpentry work in exchange for the use of a mud brick house.

We have a one bedroom self contained mud brick house in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales. The house The Retreat is situated on 2 1/2 acres of bush in the village of Wingello. Wingello is half way between Sydney and Canberra and can be reached either by countylink or city rail.

The Retreat has one bedroom with Queen Bed and single bed – and separate dressing room with plenty of hanging space. There is a large lounge and dining room, overlooking the garden and furnished with comfy leather couches and large wooden dining table.

The very large kitchen has an 800 wide Ilve gas/electric stove and Esse wood burning stove which makes the best soups and curries in the world.

The bathroom is huge and offers a bathroom and a shower. The bath overlooks the garden and is perfect for relaxing in with a glass of quality local wine.

In exchange for 3-4 hours work a day (mainly in the garden) you get to stay at The Retreat.

If interested contact Annabelle on 0439-797-304



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