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Just looking for some advice and opinion. We came out to oz 5 years ago to adelaide (actually back in uk visiting family at the mo) . We were chatting to our friends the other day and they told is that they are looking into state sponsorship to SA as they have visited before and loved it.i would absolutely love them to come out and Their occupations are on the list and don't think they'd have any issues getting a visa except for their medicals. To be blunt, they re both pretty overweight, she is especially. I suspect that she would prob come out in the obese/morbidly obese range. As far as I know, there are no other health problems with either and she is actually quite fit and regularly goes hiking. What I am asking is, would they pass their medicals if there is this weight issue, remember, it's not just overweight but obese+ I just dont want them to waste their money and get their hopes up if there isn't a chance of them Being accepted because of there weight. Am hoping that it won't be an issue as don't really want to have to broach the subject with them as it will be very awkward discussion to have to have but just don't think they have thought about this part of it and better to be honest with them rather than paying out agency fees etc.

any opinions would be great, especially people who have passed or failed medicals and have weight problems.

Thanks PIO

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