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"At least two stat decs from Aust residents" - trouble.


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Coming to the end of gathering documents for hubby's Visa (He is Irish and I am an Aust citizen, 309 subclass 100.) and we are doing all the statutory declarations.

We have our own and are fine to do the ones from family and friends here in Ireland but we are struggling with the two needed from Aust. In total my husband has only spent approximately two and a half months in Aust so far and all of that time was spent with family. He did meet an old family friend but we only stayed with her for two days and met her for dinner one time.

My mum is doing one of the declarations which is fine and I had asked the family friend to do the other but she doesn't want too (She has trouble with English.) and my only surviving relative other than my mum that I am any way close too is my younger brother who turns 14 in a month.


My question is could I get my younger brother to make a stat dec seeing as apart from my mother his is the only person to has spent time with me and hubby as a couple in Aust, or could I include some kind of note to say that I could only provide one declaration from Aust?


Thank you.

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We used a stat dec from a friend of my husband. She had stayed with us once in the UK and had seen us when we had holidayed in Aus. This was a couple of years apart so she was able to support we were in an ongoing relationship etc.


I am not sure a minor can write a stat dec. Do you have any friends who can vouch for you as a couple? Check the partner visa booklet as I think there is a something written in there for this sort of situation.

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