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Question(s) regarding the Spouse Visa 100


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Hi all,


it's been ages since I've posted anything, my only excuse really is that I've been busy trying to settle over here in Oz :-)


I do now have a question, or rather couple of questions. The time has nearly come for me to be able to submit the second part of my 309/100 visa. I'm working my way through the online application but I'm getting a bit confused as to what paperwork I actually have to submit.


I know I have to submit a Police Clearance certificate, I've already filled out the form for that and it's ready to be sent off. Now when that comes back do I just upload it to my application or does the original have to be sent to them in the post?


Both me and my husband have to fill out a new stat dec, that's fine but online there is an actual stat dec to fill out so do I have to attach the paper copy as well as filling out the electronic copy? What other paperwork do I need to submit, just the 2 stat decs, a stat dec from an australian citizen/perm. resident that knows us both and the police certificate? Or do I need to submit certified copies of passports, marriage certificates etc. again even though we did all that for the first part of the visa? I know they want evidence of financial situation, so bank statements, rental agreements etc, can these just be copies or do they need to her certified?


Finally, as an added "complication" my husband is currently at Kapooka completing his basic training for the army so he's not really contactable should immigration wish to speak to him so I'm assuming I should probably call them and let them know?


Sorry, it's become a bit longer than I thought.


Thanks in advance :-)

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