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Success in finding a secondary teaching job in Geelong, Vic?


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Hi my husband and I moved over to Geelong in November 2013 on a 176 class visa (State Sponsored).


I'm looking at teaching Design and technology anywhere in Geelong or Bellarine areas, any type of school.

My husband is a graphic/clothing design also looking for work in those areas - Melbourne at a push!


What are your experiences of finding a job in these locations?


I have 5 years teaching experience and my husband has 14 years design experience.


Also I've heard that the interview process here for teachers is different to the UK. As in you don't have to teach a 20 min lesson? Just an interview.

Is this correct?


Many thanks

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Guest The Pom Queen

Welcome to the forum. Have a chat with our member dmjg he is a teacher in Vic.

I know a couple of Vic teachers who have asked to go in to schools as a volunteer and secured jobs this way. Good luck

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