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Hi guys


Im a 30 year old brit who runs a building company in the Uk however im really keen to move to Ozz for various reasons. I have taken some advice and the back packing visa should do the trick as im under 31 and it will let me work for 6 months. What do you think?


I suppose with any big decisions it all about weighing up the risk. So the high risk factor for me would be finding a job when I arrive. I have heard all sorts of stories, one example is I was told as soon as you get of the plane the probability is you will find a job and simply take it from there.


So could I ask for some real world examples/stories about how people found there jobs and if the rumors are true that Ozz has more jobs then people to fill them?


Hope the above makes sense and thank you for your time..



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Guest The Pom Queen

Hi James and welcome to the forum. I actually posted some brickie jobs for backpackers in the WHV section of the forum the other day take a. Look through this thread http://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/backpacker-job-vacancies/198397-backpacker-jobs-sydney-nsw.html

It may be worthwhile keeping an eye on that section of the forum. I think coming on a WHV is a great idea as it gives you an idea if Australia is for you.

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