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Travel visa after WHV


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Hi guys,


I need your expertise.


My WHV expires after the 1st of May 2014. I never had the intention to go for my 2nd year visa, however I decided to go for it. I am going to wwoof and I'll start on the 1st of February. As everybody know I need to get my 88 days/3 months.


So before I have my 88 days/3 months it is almost the 1st of may. In my opinion a little tight and not much time for preparing to go home.


So here's the thing.


It is possible to get a travellers visa after a WHV?


Since I am in Australia I travelled for 4 weeks. The rest of the time I've only worked. I would like to get a travellers visa to travel for a while, meet up with friends and say goodbye to them before I go home.


However can I tell this the immigration department? I am not going to lie and will be honest to them.


I have found some information, but in my opinion it was outdated.


Important to know:


On the 1st of October I'll become 31. So I need to apply for a 2nd year visa before I'll become 31.


Is this going to cause (extra) problems? Because of the short time periods.






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If you don't start WWOOFing until exactly 3 months before your WHV expires, you'll be cutting it extremely fine to meet the requirements for your second WHV and I doubt if you'll make it. Unpaid workers can't claim sick days as days worked and if you have any breaks between hosts, you can't include that time. Many WWOOFers work for only 4 or 5 hours per day but unless some very special circumstances exist, you can only include days that conform to the standard Australian 7 or 8 hour working day (depends on the 'normal' working day in that industry).


You MAY be able to get a 600 Visitor visa after your WHV but I wouldn't be too sure of that. Your WHV was meant to be a travel visa with work being incidental so telling DIBP that you need a holiday after your WHV because you worked too long isn't going to go over too well. If you do get one, it will probably have a No Further Stay condition.


If you manage to accumulate the 88 days, you can apply for the second WHV any time until you turn 31 (Australian time). Not sure what you mean by "Is this going to cause (extra) problems? Because of the short time periods." If you apply while you're still in Australia on a visa that has no NFS condition, you'll get a Bridging visa that will allow you toi stay until a decision is reached on the application.

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Thanks for your time and answer.


I spoke with the farmer about my situation before he approved me. He told me that I will get my 88 days. Of course I am going to be busy, but that is just the way it is for this moment.


I was a little bit unclear about my the last one. Sorry for that. Anyway probably I just leave the country on the 1st of May and will apply for my 2nd year visa When I am back home. I understand that it is easier to stay, however at the start of May I will be away from home for already 1,5 years and I just want to go back for a while. See family and relatives. And it is the period when the summer starts. So no cold weather :P

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