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[Full-time] German auto service & repair at Broome German Auto

Guest The Pom Queen

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Guest The Pom Queen

Location: Broome

URL: http://www.broomegermanauto.com



Passionate about German luxury cars? — Who would not be!

Passionate about getting involved in advanced German automotive technologies used in many cars, buses, trucks, industrial machineries and boats/ships? — We value talented individuals considering adapting their skills and passion to sophisticated advanced German automotive, industrial and marine technologies, and soon to hybrid and full electric vehicles. Your background, formal or informal (i.e. hobby, self-learning), may be any of electronics, computers, software hacking, mechanics, hydraulics, mechatronics, inverter/FOC motor control, Quadcopters, Arduino, with an ability to quickly figure out complex machines through hands-on training and associated detailed manufacturer’s documentation.

Company standards — Our company standards are very high and there is much to learn initially and continuously in order to keep up with the fast pace of changes in the automotive industry. Indeed we provide on-the-job training, periodical training in Perth, latest generation computer tools and access to detailed documentation from the manufacturers.

Elite team — If you have the desire to join our elite team and want to enjoy great and vibrant life in Broome and surroundings, we would like to know you.

Bye-bye congested cities and suburbs — We believe in creating employment opportunities for talented people away from the large congested cities and suburbs.

Work Visa — We sponsor professional visas for skilled foreign individuals to work in Australia.

Resume & motivation letter — Please send your resume and motivation letter to jobs@BroomeGermanAuto.com — or consult http://www.BroomeGermanAuto.com

Men/women/apprentices/backpackers/18+/50+/60+ may apply



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