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Teacher pay difference casual and fully accredited

Ben James

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I have had my 4 year teaching degree assessed as a 3 yr teaching degree (it only gave 360 credits instead of 460) and as such have been told by the NSWIT that with only conditional accreditation, I'll only be able to work as a casual teacher. My question is whether and how much the pay of casual teachers differs from that of full accredited ones. I'm a secondary physics teacher with 10 yrs experience.

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Guest Guest226914

We'll as a 4 year trained teacher you would get between $300 and $350 a day but as they have assessed you as only 3 years trained it would probably be less. You would be on the upper end because of 10 years experience (which by the way you have to prove to them) but it would be less because of your degree.


If you could get full time temporary or permanent employment you would be looking to earn around $90000 as a normal teacher with 10 years experience and 4 years trained.


Obviously with long term contracts you eg holiday and sick pay which you don't get as a casual teacher so the money should be slightly higher to balance it out.

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If you think you have been wrongly assessed, go back to the NSWIT and tell them why! My Engineering degree was initially considered by them to not have enough maths in it to justify my registration as a maths teacher (despite 20 year experience in the UK). All they had done was look at the number of times maths was mentioned in the transcript, and didn't consider that topics such as fluid dynamics, thermodynamics, systems and control, etc were almost entirely maths. I wrote back a strong email and got my provisional accreditation back by return. I also included in my email that I had 20 years experience and examples of the classes I had taught.

Hope it works out for you.

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