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187 visa. Employer turn over problem


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HI there ,i really need help in regards to 187 application

I was on student visa to study geology for over 4 years, and I was working part time with exploration. BUT NOW,Things Changed, My occupation was removed from SOL and no longer eligible for applying 485 Visa anymore as I entry Australia. Lucky or not , I have sourced a employer in South Australia that Want to sponsor me with 187 RSMS Visa. Then I have consulted with few MA. For myself I should be qualified. However, Some immigration agents told me the financial statement of company does not look good coz they keep loosing money ever year. That is common issue for the exploration company. They will never earn money unless they really find some minerals. I have personal contact with an immigration lawyer. I think he is very experienced. He was former DIAC officer as well as MA and lawyer. He told me it is possible to get approval of nomination. But he said no one can guarantee any visa approval. I am here just wondering if anyone got 187 visa with company are loosing money.



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