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[Part-time] Live in Nanny required for 6 year old at Kate

Guest The Pom Queen

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Guest The Pom Queen

Location: Adelaide


My Mum works a roster so we need someone to come and stay with us to help look after me when she is at work. You will only work 7 days per fortnight for about 20 hours per week. I would love someone who has lots of energy to take me bike riding and down to the park. We have a dog and a cat so you must be okay with animals but don’t worry its my job to feed them. We live across the road from the school and 10 mins from two big shopping centres. You get your full room and board including a home gym (treadmill, bike and weights bench) WIFI and foxtel, your own car and Mum will pay you as well. We live at the beginning of the barossa and you can you use the car to explore on your days off. We would like someone to start on the 16th February 2014 so if you are interested send Mum an email or text and she will give you a call. You need to have a good grasp on English and be able to read English as I am learning to read (you don’t have to be great – just better than me!) We are a very social family, often going away camping and exploring, you don’t have to come but you would be more than welcome to join us on our trips.



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