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457...to be skill assessed or not?

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Hi, this is my first post. I have been reading some of the other threads that relate to our situation, but I am still un clear on one thing..


If you are from the UK and want to apply for a 457 visa, do you need a skills assessment or not??


My husband has an employer willing to sponsor him, and they are already approved to do so. I'm aware that their next step is to nominate him. And from our side we have to make sure we have all the appropriate documentation in order to apply.


I just don't know whether we need the skills test or not. He trained as a chef and has worked as a chef for the past 14 years. Is his UK qualification and certificate enough?


Also wondering if anyone has any advice on whether to complete the application ourselves or to use an agent?


thanks heaps

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Welcome to the forum!


I can't answer your question conclusively but I can tell you my experience of the 457!! - My employer brought me over here and sponsored me on the 457. They used an agent for both the nomination part and my application. I didn't need to do a formal skills assessment, as you do on the points based PR visas - I was only asked to send certificates and membership docs etc that were relevant to the application.


Best to check the requirements on the DIAC website though as this may vary dependant on occupation - immi.gov.au


As for using an agent, well that really depends on your situation and ability and enjoyment of form filling!! I had an agent, as my employer chose to use one, which did make things easier on my part, but then you still have to go through all the information and document gathering anyway (which seems to be the most time consuming part!!).

If you have all the info needed then it should be a fairly straightforward process so not a huge need for an agent. However, if you think you application may not be so straightforward then an agent can be worth thier weight in gold. Things to consider would be medical history etc etc whether there is a likelyhood that meds would be requested and referred etc, this is where things can generally get a little complicated or long winded!


But sure someone will have a more specific answer soon!

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Hi Clairebear82, thanks for your reply.


I have finally received an email back from TRA, they say that as we are not from one of the 'nominated' countries that they cannot assess him, but to check back with DIAC. His occupation is on the list but I still don't know. I will visit the immigration place again to ask. I'm guessing that his certificate of qualifications a long with his resume (14 years experience) and references, will be enough, but i'll have to get a definitive answer, like you say, there is a lot to do to apply and I don't want to mess it up.


I don't mind form filling, it's something I have had to put up with so I am sure I can do it myself, just as long as I know I have everything I need to start.



May I ask you, how did you find a sponsor from the UK? Our cousin did a WHV, didn't do farm work and ended up home after 7 months. Now he wants to be back in Australia, and wants to stay. I've told him the only way would be to get a sponsor, but I know this must be almost impossible to do if you're all the way over there. Any help on that would be great too.


Thanks so much for your time.

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