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Second working holiday visa


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Hi there


I am currently doing my regional work so I can get my second working holiday visa. Unfortunately due to family issues Im having to go back the UK for a month. I still have the time to complete my 3months work but when Im coming back into Australia I will only have 6 weeks left on my current visa. If I have a return ticket, a healthy bank balance and a reference from my employer on the farm, should this be enough evidence to get through? Im worried they will be suspect about me coming back in with only 6 weeks left. Even though the rules state on the working holiday visa you can leave and re-enter the country as long as your visa is valid.


If anyone has any suggestions I would really appreciate it.





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I don't get what you are worrying about really then.


With regard to applying for your second year visa your employer will have to fill out the correct paperwork. Form 1263 – Employment Verification I think it is called.

Have you read the Aus immigration webpage on it all? It explains it all there about what you need to do and so on. Perhaps, if you've met the regional work requirements before you head back to the UK consider applying offshore for your second year WHV while back in the UK and then wait for it to be granted before heading back to Aus?




Or apply as soon as you land back in Aus (onshore application only).

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