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Construction Project Manager looking for work


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Him a senior construction PM looking for work in Brisbane and surrounding area, can't get a job in Brisbane for love not money, it's not you know but who.


PMI registered, prince 2 with PMP certification to be completed in August, been in construction management for 15 years, and connection or support welcome.


The employment rate in Brisbane is rocketing, getting worse daily, the election will help things so sooner the better for me.


Thanks for reading my post.

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Unfortunately it is the case of who you know. Construction is so up and down. My friend's oh works in construction and I can't remember the number of different companies he has worked for over the years, all to disappear into administration or merge with another company and each time he is faced with finding a new employer. They are in Brisbane and I know the last time it happened was after the airport project and he fortunately knows people in the industry so he has another job now. However it was looking like he was going to have to move to Sydney the last time he was looking for work. Not an easy industry.


Best to try the large companies and see if you can get your foot through the door. Unfortunately there is probably limited jobs in the overseeing type roles like my friend has and they do like people who have a track record that is known.


Have you looked interstate, a lot of people in construction tend to follow the work.

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