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Guest The Pom Queen

Ok today has seen me issuing more infractions and bans.

I think we can all honestly say that we are fed up of these AUS v UK threads or innocent threads turned around in to a "My country is better than yours" for goodness sake we are all grown ups. I can't say it's just one member or one side because it's not. I am afraid that from now on the mods and Forum Guides will be watching every thread. It wouldn't be bad if you all kept it to CTF but it's spreading across the forum. If you hate reading a members posts please put them on ignore.

i am really sorry for keep going on and no doubt I will be the dragon at the moment I just want us all to get along the best we can. We don't do too bad with over 60,000 members there are only a handful who don't get along.:notworthy:


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