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Sydney Vs Melbourne


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Hello everyone,


So we just got our 175 visa yesterday!!! yey!!! So happy :)


So now comes all the decision making. We are a married couple in our early thirties (no kids) and would like to live in a city that is fully of life and buzzing. I also don't deal well with cold weather (one of the big reasons we are moving). So what would be the better city to live in? Sydney or Melbourne? We'd like to be close to the beach as well....as in less than a hours drive would be good. Because I hear property prices close to the beach are sky high!!


We have friends in both Sydney and Melbourne, so we are struggling to decide. Also we havent found jobs yet.....so all options are open.


Any advice would be greatly appreaciated.




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Guest The Pom Queen


Sorry I missed your post



Its all go now. I haven't lived in Sydney but if you don't like cold weather it may be the better option, I suppose it depends on what your occupations are. I loved Melbourne but after 8 years you acclimatise and it becomes a little chilly

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