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QROPS Pension Transfer - UK Tax Return Declaration?


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My family and I migrated from UK to Australia 4 months into the UK 2011/2012 tax year and hence 1 month into the Australian 2011/2012. I worked in the UK during the UK 2011/2012 tax year (PAYE) and have worked in Australia during the Australian 2011/2012 tax year (PAYG). I am now in the process of completing my UK 2011/2012 tax return resulting in a significant number of questions. I hope that this forum's moderators will not mind that I start a number of threads with each question but I believe the thread name will be useful for other users to search for.


My wife and I have transferred a number of Final Salary Pension schemes from the UK into QROPS approved Super funds. The QROPDIRECT.COM website states: 'The transfer to a QROPS plan is tax free.', hence can I assume that I do not need to declare these transfers anywhere on our 2011/2012 HMRC tax return documentation?


Any assistance greatly appreciated.

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