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What's a good salary?

Guest Rico

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I'm relocating from Glasgow to Sydney... I've got a job offer and they are gonna pay me $50k (its a recruitment job so plus bonus makes it to $70k)


Can someone tell me if this is a good salary, as I dont really know exactly what the standard of living is?



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Depends on your circumstances, but generally I would say its not bad (the bonus makes it better but how guarenteed is that ?) but its not great either.


The average salary in OZ is about $43k and generally both partners work to ensure a decent lifestyle.


If you are on your own the salary is OK but if you have wife & kids, I would think you will struggle unless your wife also works.


If you are going to be Mortgage free in Sydney then that will make a difference but decent properties are expensive in Sydney


Guess it all boils down to how expensive your tastes are, how much you like to socialise and shop, holiday requirements etc...


Personally I think you could get a better salary than that, but its might be worth taking while you look for something else.


I have a friend who is a recruitment consultant and she earns well over $150k per year, but shes been at it for years and has a lot of aussie experience. As a new migrant you will have to build up to that.

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Do you know how much exp you need to get sponsorsed? I have 6 successful months and have live in Oz for a year before so I m eagerly saving to move back. Most companies say they will sponsor after 2 years but Im hoping that I wont have to wait that long!




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