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    Finance / Banking - Sydney

    Thanks, will definitely take a look at NAB. I'm not due to be there until around August 2024, so plenty of time to get all my ducks in a row. I assume LinkedIn is also a good starting place ? I'm job hunting at the moment in London,.and that seems to be where I'm getting the most joy. We also use Jobserve website as well, you'll get lots of companies and recruiters advertising roles there. Are there any similar sites that are well regarded in Australia ?
  2. Shire_Boy

    Finance / Banking - Sydney

    Thanks ! I've been working as a BA / Change manager for the last few years. I'm more Ops based than Tech, but loads of experience with FX, Liquidity and payments. Got a couple of ICA qualifications too, and been looking into learning some coding recently. I've not heard of Dius, but certainly interested in contracting. I should have a fairly easy start in Australia, as we will be able to live with family for as long as we need. Just hoping the job hunting doesn't take too long. London is very competitive right now, too many applicants for not enough jobs.
  3. Hi all, I'm moving to Sydney next year on a partner visa. At the moment I work in Banking & Finance in London. Can anyone recommend any good agency contacts to enquire about work in Sydney ? TIA