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  1. Hi All I was wondering how ppl had got on getting their bengals across. I’m in the opposite situation trying to take mine from Oz to UK. I am going with a pet travel company as well. I have 2 cats : one is a pure bred F8 who pedigree i can prove. The other is from an F7 bengal mother but the father is unknown : we think it’s a tabby as it happened when she accidentally escaped the house. I have registered him on TICA as a domestic short hair. I have contacted Heathrow animal control but they have said they think a TICA certificate may not be enough but need to forward some more info to CITES team (don’t know who they are). I can get a letter from the owner of the mother to say this was her baby but nobody will pedigree register my cross cat because of unknown father. Does anyone have any advice? Thank you