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    Transfer money from UK

    Hi all, hoping someone can offer some guidance. I am trying to have some of my money sent over from the UK. I opened a Wise account and my mum was intending to send the money from her account. She banks with Virgin. They told her that they don’t allow transfers to Wise because of issues with the service and people losing money. They will only transfer via Swift. From what I understand this will cost quite a bit of money with them taking 2.5% of any amount transferred. Is this correct? What Other options might be available? I don’t want to pay virgin 500quid just to transfer!!
  2. ElleDee

    Transfer money from UK

    Not at all patronising I did consider that but it’s a big ask of her. She’s a bit older these days and quite old school. She wants to do the transfer by going into the bank in person. So to open an entire new account I think might tip her over the edge In saying that - if I can’t find any other solutions I may ask her to transfer the money to my sister and see if she can do the transfer. I guess it has also raised some doubt in my mind about using Wise. Wondered if anyone knows of any issues with the company? I read some awful reviews on google. But then on here I see so many use it with no issues