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  1. Louise1234


    Clutching at straw here - retook the PTE exam and was successful in listening but when down in write. I have read somewhere that you can merge both tests? Does anyone know anything about this? Don't wanna pay another £200!!!
  2. Louise1234


    Other sections were 90 and 84 so fingers crossed!!!
  3. Louise1234


    It was the listening - I complete lost track in the fill in the blank which then also brought my writing down to 80 as made up some of the words which I though could fill in the blank!!! At least I know where I went wrong!!!
  4. Louise1234


    Yeah, it is not great!! Another test has been booked - what a great half term I will be having
  5. Louise1234


    Good Morning, I am hoping to get some clarity regarding the PTE academic exam. I have recently completed the exam and my results have come in this morning. I achieved a grade of 79 overall but my listening was 70. Does this matter? or will they just look at the overall, average, grade? Thanks in advance Louise x
  6. Hello All, I am wondering if you can take the Pearson's English test online at home or do you have to go to a centre? The system keeps on crashing! Thanks in advance Louise
  7. Ok thanks. Only concern I have is what happens if your application is rejected for some reason - is there some sort of refund? I imagine they will ask for a medical (x4) at some point. If so (not sure what tests they do) and something crops up which causes an issue it would be good to get something back. I cant find any info on this sort of situation anywhere. I hear some people get medicals before submitting but then some say you cant now until told to do so - what is the actual correct process here please, does anyone know? Just want to tick all possible boxes before submission. Thanks.
  8. Is that ontop of the fee's for the agent? TIA we are also a family of four
  9. Hi All, Can anyone give us information on how you pay for the visa's. Is it a one off visa or half and half? Thanks in advance Louise
  10. Hello, In the latest round of EOI we have been approved and are currently going through the application. We have a query in relation to the health examination question. "Has this applicant undertaken a health examination for an Australian visa in the last 12 months?" We want to be as on the ball as possible with this application. Would you recommend getting a medical check before submitting or wait for them to ask for it? What are people's experiences with this visa? Once submitted, do they give you feedback/advisory's on what needs to be completed? As we can only see one page at a time, can anyone tell us what other information that they will be asking, so we can get all of our documents together? This is going to be an arduous process but any feedback would be gratefully appreciated. Best wishes and Happy Christmas Louise and family xo
  11. Hi, My family and I applied for the EOI on the 4th August, claiming 65 points - I am a teacher. We have still to hear anything back. I was wondering why it would be taking so long? Has anyone else heard anything back or what is the timeframe for the EOI. Any help would be gratefully recieved. Louise
  12. Louise1234

    A little help!!

    Hi, I am a 40 year old teacher, qualified since 2006 and myself, my husband and two young kids want to moved to Australia. Can I have a little advise on the following: 1. I have just filled out the skills AISTL but yet to send off. Is this the first thing that we should do? Then the expression of interest and then the visa? After that do we apply to a State to work? 2. What type of visa would you recommend? 3. We are wanted to live, probably, in Qld. Do you think this is likely? Thank you for any help. As I mentioned, I am all set to send of the skills assessment tonight but don't want to pay the money if it not the correct way? Louise