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    PR visa with Autistic son

    Hi, I have been offered sponsorship on 186 DE visa recently. My 10yr old son has been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. He is in mainstream school, functioning well. Independent with his daily needs. About to sit his SATs this year. He doesn't require a 1-1 that I'm told in school and he hasn't got a EHCP in place. I'm just looking on good outcomes for being granted a visa for myself and my family. Is there any information I could gather to help with the process? Thanks in advance
  2. HannahKC

    PR visa with Autistic son

    How did you get an IQ test? How did you go about schools in Australia? Are they inclusive of people with Autism? We're applying to WA.
  3. HannahKC

    PR visa with Autistic son

    We got a letter documenting everything at the assessment. I will have to ask for the questionnaire
  4. HannahKC

    PR visa with Autistic son

    Where do I get the cognitive assessment and behavioural assessment? Is that from school or educational psychologist?
  5. HannahKC

    PR visa with Autistic son

    Thank you I'm going to write a list of what I need from school etc. Ive just been reading stories of those unsuccessful. Tryin to remain positive