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  1. Now as we widening our options to buy a property in Sunshine Coast, we thinking about Sippy Downs and Bli Bli areas as we saw a lot of good houses in those suburbs, the problem is, someone once told me to avoid Sippy Downs. Just would like to hear any pros and cons about these suburbs and which one is better to live in. We have 2 children 10 and 8 yo. We still also keep looking in Peregian Springs an d Tewantin as first plan. But happy to see other areas as welll. Thanks
  2. Hi, just want to know opinions about Bli Bli area as we saw good properties in realestate.com there, but not sure the pros n cons to live in that suburb. thanks
  3. How about Coolum beach?
  4. Well we already decided to sell our house and move up there, but still looking for the location. still like peregian spring maybe coz i havent been to other suburbs yet, prefer somewhere close to the beach and good school as we have 2 primary schooler year 3 and 5. I'm so nervous as March we selling our house and will have to decide where we go in April.
  5. Well we thinking to go there again upcoming easter holiday to look around, maybe booking for schools tours and house inspections while we there, hubby already 100% want to move. We live in Silverwater in sydney. Im not typical city person or crowded place to live same with hubby. Surry Hill is definitely a busy suburb as it close to the city with small sizes of houses. Now hubby also thinking of renting first before buying house there. The problem is my kids will be meeding of school. so we kinda afraid of keep moving out n will have to wait for long to adjust adn settle down. Yes we went to Noosa and we liked it. Havent been explore anywhere else in Sunshine Coast. Will keep in mind all the suburbs mentioned for us to se in April.
  6. Thanks, yes we were there on thee 4th ogf Jan til 7 and we love there area more because its close to Noosa, if we moved there we already have friends there. It just to decide either we buy there or rent talso still in consideration, my friend said better rent first before buying but we just dont want to move house so many times. My husband is 100% certain to move but I still have so many questions to move there. Ive been looking in realestate.com for houses around Tewantin, Nooosa, Perigian spring and beach n Coolum too.
  7. Hi, we are thinking to move to Sunshine Coast, currently we are living in Sydney for 13 years in our first house. I don't know how to start, as I never experience moving house to house or even interstate. For the school also we never have experience for searching before we put our children in their current school. it just happened the school where we live is a good school. I have a friend in Tewantin, she suggested us to move around there. We've been there and I like the area as it close to Noosahead. but again we also still open for any other areas. If anyone can help me will really appreciate it. Thanks