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  1. Hi everyone, I'd like to ask about the points for overseas skilled employment. Currently, I've got the assessment result letter from ACS, my qualifications have been assessed as follows: my Bachelor of Network Engineering from the overseas university completed February 2013 has been assessed as comparable to an AQF Bachelor Degree with a Major in computing. And my Master of Cybersecurity from South Australia completed December 2020 has been assessed as comparable to an AQF Master Degree with a Major in computing. For the employment, I have three past working experiences that have been assessed. They are 09/11-11/13 (2 years 2 months), 11/13-08/15 (1 year 9 months) and 08/15-09/17 (2 years 2 months). And the result letter stated that the employment after 18 September 2015 is considered to equate to work at an appropriately skilled level and relevant to ANZSCO Code 262113 (Systems Administrator). So my question is, can I claim the points of Overseas Skilled employment based on my situation. I look forward to hearing back from you soon, thanks very much.