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  1. Thomas_76

    RRV and Citizenship

    Thank you for your response Marisawright. That's good to know. Are you aware if actually being overseas affects the citizenship application? I thought I'd read that I'd need to be in Australia for it to be granted. Thanks again.
  2. Thomas_76

    RRV and Citizenship

    Hello. I'm hoping to move back to the UK from Australia early next year, either permanently or for an extended time. I currently have a 189 Visa and a citizenship application pending (VIC). The travel facility on my 189 Visa expires early 2022. Could someone offer advice on my options please? I'd prefer to get citizenship as I'm eligible, but at the same time I'm desperate to get back to the UK as like many others I've not seen family for so long. I understand processing times can be long and I'm not certain I can wait. I understand the process of getting a 155 RRV is easy enough if you fit the criteria, but I don't know if being out of the country would stop the processing of my citizenship application (I suspect it does). Thanks to anyone who can help out.