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    COVID 408 Visa

    Just looking some advice and thoughts. I am currently in my 3rd Working Holiday Visa, got my 2nd via farm work and my 3rd via working in a critical sector (disability support work). My visa does not expire until the the end of Jan 2022 but i want to try and be as proactive as possible because the thought of going home absolutely kills me haha. A couple of questions I have...any answers at all are appreciated! - Do you guys think the 408 COVID Visa will still be available towards the end of the year? I have heard of people being granted between 3 months and a year on these visas, what is the best way to get the longest time possible, would it be a letter from your employer saying they need you etc.? currently work in a disability support company so it is a 'critical sector' Can you apply for a COVID visa again when your first is expiring? don't want to go home haha thanks guys