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    Carer visa

    Oh, cool, thanks for letting me calNgary
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    Carer visa

    Thanks heaps paulhand.
  3. Ray Fay

    Carer visa

    cheers Paulhand, do you know how much a professional help can costs? and any firm is recommended? Thanks
  4. Ray Fay

    Carer visa

    Thanks Marisawright for your response, But I wonder what's the steps my mum needs to take in order to bring my sister in Australia? and what type of visa needs to be applied for? Thanks a lot
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    Carer visa

  6. Ray Fay

    Carer visa

    Hi everyone, Can anyone assist me with my question? My mum is 82 years old with permanent medical condition, 6 married children in australia, Can she bring her eldest married daughter from Syria on carer visa bases? although she's only child who's left behind in Syria, Thanks a lot for your assistance.