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    Citizenship by descent_ infant

    Hi Anna Yes we took the photo ourselves. They said we could take it ourselves. And yes we did provide Identity Declaration by an Australian citizen. Below is immigration email to us on baby passport photo when we made enquiry regarding Citizenship by Descent application 'Thank you for your email. You can lodge a Citizenship by descent application on-line https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/help-support/applying-online-or-on-paper/online and upload the following: 1. Obtain passport photos to be uploaded or take a face photo of the baby as attached parameters. If you have difficulty with this, you can take a photo of baby on a white background (e.g. sheet) with full face showing and eyes open (if possible) and upload that to the on-line application. It must be saved as a Jpeg version less than 500kb in size.' All the best in your application Anna. Passport is next. It never ends.
  2. Applied on 27 December 2020 for my daughter who was born on 21 November 2020. Uploaded all documents required. Hearing stories that it is taking so long now even when nothing mor e needs to be submitted. Any good stories out there?