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  1. Sambry

    Do I stay or do I go?

    Thanks, I have done the Ielts test and scored a 7. I have been looking on the government website and it seems like the number of points needed has gone down? But I might not be understanding it correctly. In the last invitation round it says 65 was the cut off. It’s all quite confusing...... I am looking for a local migration agent now hopefully one of them gets back to me before I book the tickets home!
  2. Sambry

    Do I stay or do I go?

    Hello, I’m from the UK, I’m currently in QLD on a subclass 600 holiday visa with my girlfriend and 3 children (11,7 and 1) and that visa is coming to an end on the 5th of December. I am a carpenter by trade and after spending time here and the current covid situation we decided to try and stay (my parents live here in qld to they came out in 2008). We were hoping to get a subclass 189 visa, with 70 points. We submitted a submission of interest on the 29th of September but I am concerned that the process might take longer then we anticipated if it happens at all. Had anyone else been in a similar situation? I’m really not sure if I should apply for another 12 month holiday visa (and not be able to work and home school children still) or just return to the uk and await a response from there. Work is my main issue, as we have been here nearly a year now with no income and our savings are staring to run low, and the open ended timings “could take years” have me feeling uneasy about it all. I’m expecting people to tell me to stop being so stupid and just go back to England but I’d like to try and stay if it’s an option at all, but right now I feel like I should just book the flights home..... thanks to anyone that reads!