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    Resident Return Visa 1 year

    I'm Australian and have a UK husband and Aus/UK children. We lived in Oz for under 2 years as we had to come back to the UK last April. We are now considering going back (!) but my husband's 5 year Partner Visa travel element has run out. I know we'll need to apply for a Resident Return Visa and it will be a one year as we spent less than 2 years in Oz. I wanted to know if anyone has any info on how long the processing time is and also once the visa has been granted, is it 12 months from that date? I don't want to put off applying but we also might not be in a position to go back for at least 6 months (and that's not even taking Covid travel issues into account). Any advice or thoughts appreciated. Also, I successfully completed the Partner Visa myself so I imagine the RRV isn't too tricky to do, in comparison? Thanks