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  1. It's nice to hear some optimism haha. I know the risks people are pointing out are very real but what's life without a bit of risk and experience? I've always wanted to go to Australia and was brought up on Steve Irwin as a kid so it must of been ingrained in my subconcious from a young age and now I'm answering the calling lol. So yeah, rightly or wrongly I'm just gonna do it and go the international student route. It's great to hear you made it, I hope I can too! Oz here I come!
  2. Thanks for the replies guys. I'm wondering if pursuing Master's Degree in Oz would be a viable option?
  3. Hi all, I'm 24 and currently live in england and have just completed my Bsc degree in Biological Sciences. I have experience working as an electricians mate and was thinking of pursuing this to become a self-employed electrician but would rather get into a career relevant to my degree. I also have some barwork experience and have worked various odd jobs over the years but haven't had any tangible experience so to speak. I have around £30k in savings and have decided I want to live permanently in Australia but am confused as to what the best way to go about it would be. Opinions and advice would be greatly appreciated Thank you Jay