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  1. r2kev

    Amazon Fire Stick 2020

    Hi All, How come we can't get the full Amazon Fire Stick 2020 in Australia, only 'Lite' is available?
  2. r2kev

    Amazon Fire Stick 2020

    How come we can only get the "Lite" version in Australia?
  3. r2kev

    Anyone recommend a set top box (Australia)

    I watch youtube all the time. The "Smart" TV isn't reet smart on it's own so I bought the Amazon Fire Stick. Works a treat now
  4. I would need to get in touch with them for this option. I have no dependants, so I only need to look after myself. My main concern was the 'Tax Free Lump Sum' - If I took this option would I be liable for $$$$ in tax in year 1? Cheers
  5. G'Day All, I'm 55 with a chronic ill health condition. I have just been accepted on to getting my full pension from a previous UK employer (on Chronic Ill Health grounds). I have 2 options. 1. A full pension OR 2. A tax free lump sum with a reduced pension. Has anyone received their pension here in Oz from the UK. I think you can't get tax free here. If this was to be the case a large portion of the lump sum would have to be given to the tax man. Consequently Option 1 would be better. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Kev