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  1. Rogers19

    Renewing UK passport in Australia

    Just an update for everyone, I am still waiting for my passport. They had received it on the 10/08 and started to process it the next day. Unfortunately that seems to be as far as it has gotten and after many phone calls all they can say is there are delays. My advice is to probably do what @Frankly1759 did and report it stolen for a quicker process. Thanks for all the info from everyone and to hear how others have gotten in with it.
  2. Rogers19

    Renewing UK passport in Australia

    I knew you send it off when you are in England just didn't think they would do that over here and leave you in another country with no passport. Was seeing if anyone had any possible ways of getting it done without but if not I will get it sent off and hope for the best there are no mega long delays.
  3. I am looking to renew my Uk passport due to it expiring in the next couple of months. I have applied online through the UK Gov website and paid all the fees and now it's asking me to send in my current passport before they continue with processing my new one! Has anyone else done this recently? I wouldn't be too fussed normally but with COVID it says there is a lot of delays which I could live with, but I am also doing my PR at the moment. I have my medical in a few weeks and need my passport for that, I am not sure if I will need it for anything after that either. It seems a bit of a strange way to do it by sending your current passport off and being left without one until you receive the new one. Has anyone got any advice? Cheers