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  1. Thank you Raul for your detailed answer. So, to clarify, ICT Business Analyst is not indicated as a skill that is likely to be removed from the MLTSSL list at this stage? I think that is my biggest worry - if we leave it too late to apply for PR the skill may be removed in the meantime. As I have several years remaining on my 482 I guess I just need to wait and see what my options are when things have settled down a bit....
  2. Hi All, Anyone got a good migration agent recommendation for a thorough consultation? Any agent I have spoken to so far has been very vague, possibly due to Covid uncertainty. Everyone seems to be understandably waiting for the new skills list to be released. Also would like to hear from anyone who has used an agent for a skills assessment before, specifically through ACS for IT skills. Background: I'm on a 482 (ICT Business Analyst -MLTSSL) and we were planning on moving states before Feb but feel very uncertain about what the skills list will look like for future PR which is putting us off moving. My company have said they will offer 186 ENS visa option after my 482 expires but, although I feel valued in my company, I don't want to completely rely on them should things change and would like to explore 190 visa but my skill only currently appears on some state sponsorship lists. Thanks, in advance. S.
  3. SG-S83

    Student to 482 Visa (delays!)

    I have to a have min 2 years working with them in Oz before I am eligible for a 186. I trust my employer, I'm not sure why that's been picked apart here. People are sponsored all the time.
  4. SG-S83

    Student to 482 Visa (delays!)

    Thank you. And yes, we are fully aware of the 482 visa. I have been with my employer in the UK for 4 years and in Australia for 1 year and have spoken to the education authority in VIC about school fees so I know they are not applicable on a work sponsored visa. For us the 482 is better than the student visa (which is also temporary) as my employer intends on sponsoring me for PR after 2 years. S
  5. SG-S83

    Student to 482 Visa (delays!)

    Hi All, Getting a bit desperate now waiting for a 482 visa submitted at the beginning of March (onshore). In short, I am here in Oz with my husband and two children on a student visa (masters) and have since been sponsored by my employer who are a large company (registered sponsor) with their own lawyers & migration agent handling the application. Due to the delays in my 482 being processed I am now approaching a new year of study AND my kids school fees have just been invoiced too (these are waived on the 482)- a total of $24,000 in one hit! Our savings have been severely affected due to my husband losing his job from covid19 cut backs and we've been relying on my part time income for months which means we cannot afford another term of bills of this magnitude. We had really hoped the new visa would be through before the next fees were due as the processing times still sit at 42 - 62 days (we are at 103 days now). We have a bridging visa for the 482 but this doesn't kick in until my current student visa expires next year so that's no help. Additionally, if we were to be able to cobble together the money any university fees paid now would be non-refundable if I wanted to cancel my course once my 482 came through. Any ideas on how we can manage this scenario other than sit and pray the 482 comes through in the next 2 weeks? I haven't seen any movement for skills outside essential/healthcare (My skill is IT based). My employers even submitted a letter for requested urgent processing to immigration (2 weeks ago) as I am required to work on projects installing specialist systems for government departments (the irony!). Thanks in advance. S