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  1. CarolineC

    Citizenship application and change of name

    Thanks for the reply. I’m aware I don’t have to, it was a very considered decision that I will. I meant more do I have to update my UK passport with my new name if all my ACT documents have that name on them.
  2. CarolineC

    Are you downloading COVIDSafe app ?

    I will. I have mygov so they already know my ATO, Medicare etc. I think apps like Facebook take a lot more information from you anyway.
  3. CarolineC

    Life in Canberra

    Sounds like you’ll suit Canberra well! I’ve lived here 3.5 years and love it.
  4. Hello! I will be able to apply for citizenship in January. I’m currently have PR on a 190 visa (ACT sponsored). I recently got married and am wondering how changing my name will affect the citizenship application process? And my current visa? Do I update the name change on my immi account? How? Under my 190 application? Do I have to update my UK passport with my new name and how will that affect my visa (since it’s linked to my passport)? I’m scared to change my name and then apply for citizenship with two names or with the wrong name ... but I want to apply in my new name and have already changed some things over. I’d rather not change my UK passport because of the delays at the moment and because I still have a few years on it. Thanks for any help!