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  1. I applied before sh!@t really hit the fan. Hope they open the borders before winter here in Canada. Thanks for the update, guys. Appreciated .
  2. Australian working holiday visa 417. You need to be a permanent resident to enter the country? When did the institute this rule and for how long will it be effective? Thanks
  3. I have scanned through the document, and can't seem to find were it states if insurance is mandatory. Will you be able to point me to it?
  4. So travel insurance is mandatory? If so, do you or anyone else have any recommendations? There is no question that now is not the most ideal time to travel. Thanks
  5. Hi, I have a few questions. I received an email saying that visa has been granted. What does the visa look like? What do I show to the authorities? Is it the PDF file that contains the VISA grant number? As a Canadian, is travel insurance mandatory? I feel like I'm missing something. What could it be?