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  1. Dionne

    Project Administrator 511112 Criteria

    Thanks Raul for the guidance, I'll give you a shout if I need a bit of support. Thank you!
  2. Dionne

    Project Administrator 511112 Criteria

    Hello, thanks so much for suggested solution and advice. My role profile specifies my role as working within a 3 year programme so really hoping being timebound it would not be considered bau. Maybe I can get my organisation to confirm it was not bau too. Will have to consider how I can evidence projects within that or try to get extra projects in over this coming year! What sector are you in?
  3. Hello Has anyone experience of evidencing projects for Prog/ Project Administrator. Vetassess request at least 3 projects however for my eligible years of employment I was managing a three year programme. Still timebound with my role profile clearly titled as PM but wondering if this would be negatively assessed? Also I am hoping my APMP PMQ qualification might help support my degree, which I don't think would be deemed highly relevant (BA Hons Politics with experience managing projects in public sector?). PMQ is commensurate with level SCQF Level 7, does anyone know how that maps with AQF?
  4. Dionne

    Selecting the best occupation

    Thanks for clarifying Paul, do you think there's a chance that this condition could be lifted when plans refresh in July? Are you able to give any tips regarding nec occupations? Specialist Managers and Education managers nec are both on nsw 491 list but I'm not sure how literal or open to interpretation the descriptors are? For example Education Managers manage education programmes and liaise between institutions. I managed government funded programmes which I implemented across schools and unis, and I did act as liaison between them, but did not work within the education provider itself.
  5. I'm a project manager currently in Manchester UK, and looking at best options for either 491 or 190 visa, ideally SA or NSW. My skills are a close fit for project administrator which is on SA 491 list but it's currently high (95) points - I have 75 or 90 if I sit English academic test. Can anyone advise if conditions could change in July and points requirements come down? If not I am hoping I might be able to evidence under Education Managers nec or Specialist Manager nec, but it's hard as there are no role details. My background is managing/implementing donor funded education programmes, bit niche but hoping I could match one of those. Does anyone have any experience of positive skills assessment in similar case? Is it worth paying for the Skillselect pre-check consultation? Thanks for any advicešŸ„°