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  1. Thank you Quoll and Marisawright for taking the time to offer your advice to me. Quoll unfortunately our only option is looking like Sydney as that's where my husbands family live and my community child health qualification is actually only recognised in NSW.. Sydney being the easiest place to get work due to the population. Marisawright - your advice is very on point, as I am very close to my family her particularly my mum as she currently helps with child care too and I know for what I've read child care costs in Sydney are as expensive as London. My personality type will likely predispose me to feeling isolated & very home sick.. But I feel selfish depriving my husband and child of a potential "better" life (if you can measure that) / different life experience.. Its so hard making these decisions with a child.. I just read & watched the link on the Hague convention.. I had No idea - thank you so much again. This thread has offered me so much to think about already. Sydney sounds very expensive.. We going in 3 weeks to check it all out
  2. Hi, I'd like some advice / opinions on how you or others you know have found moving to Australia / Sydney with a young child, what the initial settling in period was like, what life in a city in Aus with a young child is like... And any regrets / would do differently? I'm also abit worried about feeling isolated & very home sick. I'm married to an aussie, we thinking of making the move to Sydney, we currently live in London. I'm a children's community nurse and we have a little girl. Thanks in advance!!