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  1. El the Plasterer

    Dog freaks when vet approach

    Yes his had the rabies vaccine and is waiting for the 21 days to expire so he can get bloods done
  2. El the Plasterer

    Dog freaks when vet approach

    Thank you so much, you have actually made me feel a lot less worried now. Il give golden arrow a call and see if they are interested. All the best for the future to you and your fury babies
  3. El the Plasterer

    Dog freaks when vet approach

    His leg had been cut quite bad from some metal sticking out of rubbish.Took him to emergency vet . They sedated and asked me to wait ,after waiting only 10mins they called him back in and proceeded to staple his leg when you could clearly see he was still very un sedated ,after number two it was game over all hell broke loose and I even got a nip by sticking my hand in the line of fire trying to protect the useless vet. Ever since whenever he goes to the vet for his 6month check ups and boosters etc.. or whatever it is as soon as that vet approaches his hole body becomes tense the second they come in firing line he goes nuts.
  4. El the Plasterer

    Dog freaks when vet approach

    Hi guys im bringing my dog along with me to oz and I am really worried as he has had a bad experience with a bad vet and now whenever a vet only approach even just to check a heat beat he totally freaks out trying to attack the vet. (No other signs of aggression atall it is only when vet approach) so I’m really worried that once he arrives in quarantine and gets whatever examinations they do his going to freak. Normally I’m there able to restrain him (sort of his a big Rottweiler) and if he bites a vet would they put him down. Could I have a note with him saying sedate before handling is that possible as I’m so worried this could go horribly wrong. any advice would be massively appreciated
  5. El the Plasterer

    Buying house as international student

    Thats a good idea I suppose it would still beat renting. I suppose il have to wait and see really untill I’m there speaking with mortgage lenders etc..
  6. Hi guys and girls im coming over in June to do a 2yr course so will be on a student visa (I’m from uk) but then plan to stay after with various other visa options so my question is can I buy a house as a student say house worth $600K-$700k with deposit of $200 Gold Coast area obviously having student visa would only be able to work part time 20hours a week wife could work 20hours a week also any advice would be massively appreciated as don’t really want to waste loads of money renting for years. thank you
  7. El the Plasterer

    How long does it take to rent once you land as a pom

    It is a worry I am aware of these things but without actually going for it I will always have the what if going over in my head. So I suppose with no risk comes no reward. iprey they don’t remove carpentry off the list im doing a 2yr carpentry course in June this year have already enrolled at Tafe .
  8. El the Plasterer

    How long does it take to rent once you land as a pom

    Ok about 3- 4 weeks is not to bad. regarding pathway after 2yr course I would be taking work ready program 1yr-1 1/2yr then applying for the new 491 a 5 yr provisional with potential for PR after 3yr. long road ahead I’m sure it’s the right choice
  9. .hi guys I will be arriving in oz early June time on a student visa and wondered how long it would take me to secure a place of rent as I will be going for a house as family will be joint me. so basically once i have found one I like how long does the paper work take before you get keys. As don’t want to be paying for hotels for months. also will being on a student visa effect my chances even though I 30 not a 18 yr old student lol . any advice would be great I would be looking for a 5 bedroom also around the Gold Coast area if that helps atall with explaining my situation. cheers guys
  10. El the Plasterer

    Evidence for cash work

    Hiya I would need to prove 8 years as only have a level 1 nvq but would £475 A month be enough proof for a skills assessment as the income is so low. ?
  11. El the Plasterer

    Evidence for cash work

    Hi guys, I am in process of doing a skilled visa and will require a skills assessment to transfer qualifications etc... my problem is that from 2008 October I earned cash up to January 2012. Then from 2012 I earned £475 monthly as an employee for my dad as we had a deal he would save up the difference for my deposit for my house, Hence the low income. That was all the way up to may 2017 then I became director of my dads building company and was payed £960 monthly up to today’s date. my issue is I’m worried that they won’t except my cash work as I can’t prove it with tax records. I can get references for the cash work but would that be enough. Also would they except my low income as evidence aswell seeing as I was on £475 a month while my dad saved the money for me for my deposit for house “Was the only way I could save as I’m terrible with money” any advice would be massively appreciated thank you