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  1. Hi All - Hoping someone can help.. My partner and I moved out to Aus in 2014 and are now Permanent residents. Sadly, my dad was diagnosed with terminal cancer, so we are back in the UK with him now. He has undergone treatment and despite the poor prognosis, is generally well - on no medication and has no physical limitations. He is wanting to join us back in Aus for a couple of months in the New Year but obtaining travel insurance may be difficult due to the terminal prognosis. My question to you is - if we are unable to get travel insurance cover, what would be available under the Reciprocal health agreement with the UK in urgent circumstances. He does not require any further treatment and as I said is rather well under the circumstances, but if something were to happen unexpectedly, we would like to understand the position we'd be in and what assistance is available. Thanks in advance, Hazel